Barsebäck Golf Club

(Barseback Golf & Country Club)

Black Mountain

(Black Mountain Golf Club in Hua Hin)

Long Island Black

(Replicating the Bethpage State Park Golf Course)

Montery Classic

(Replicate of the Northern California course)

Osterakers Golf Club

(Osterakers Golf Club)

Palm Desert Canyons

(Big Horn Canyons Golf Course)

Palm Desert Canyons

(Bighorn Canyons Course)

Palm Desert Mountains

(Big Horn Mountains Golf Course)

Ponte Vedra

(Ponte Vedra)

The Golf Club Scottsdale

(The Golf Club Scottsdale)

Torrey Black

(Torrey Pines Golf Course)

Torrey White

(Torrey Pines Golf Course)

West Maui Plantation

(Kapalua Golf – The Plantation Course)

Whispering Dunes

(Midwestern Course)