“OptiShot is an indoor golf simulator that gives you launch monitor-esque data, allows you to play rounds of virtual golf... Use your real clubs, and give you the feeling of real control.”

Golf Australia

“The affordable, full-swing, Optishot simulator measures the clubhead to provide realistic ball flight, and the information is presented on a home computer or laptop.”

Golf Week

“If you’re anything like me, you’ve always dreamed of playing the world’s best golf courses. The OptiShot Simulator is one way to do just that, in your own home, and without the cost of travel.”

“For $400, about 1/100 the price of a full-on PGA Tour golf simulator, anyone with a Windows PC can now plug-in, practice and play on replicas championship courses with Dancin’ Dogg Golf’s OptiShot.”

Avid Golfer

“The simple plug-and-play set-up with Optishot allows for hours of practice on the realistic driving range, or a full round on numerous award-winning layouts.”


“Boasting jaw-dropping, life-like graphics, the Optishot's patented technology uses infrared sensors on a durable swing pad to accurately record club head speed, face angle and swing path.”

Golf Fitness

“The OptiShot uses sensors to measure the speed and angles of your clubface instead of the ball, then calculates the ball trajectory from there.”

Golf Digest

“The graphics on the OptiShot Simulator are amazing!”

Golf Channel

“Golfers of all ages are going wild for the OptiShot Simulator, the ultimate revolution in virtual golf.”

Splash Magazines

“With the OptiShot Simulator you can challenge coworkers to a quick round in the office.”

KC Business

“Since the OptiShot is based on infrared beam reflection it works best with irons and the company’s specially made OptiStix Driver.”

Golf Monthly